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Famous Cricket Clubs of the Netherlands – THE TOPKLASSE

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Formation of cricket in the Netherlands

Since at least the 19th century, cricket has been played in the Netherlands, where it was regarded as an important sport in the 1860s. The Royal Dutch Cricket Association oversees the sport.

The Koninklijke Nederlandse Cricket Bond, often known as the Royal Dutch Cricket Board, is responsible for overseeing cricket in the country. It was founded in 1883, and in 1958 it was granted a royal charter. In 1966, the Netherlands became an ICC Associate Member.

Since 1966, the KNCB has held associate membership in the International Cricket Council. The ICC has authorized a few cricket grounds in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Amstelveen, and Voorburg, to host ODI matches. Despite the Netherlands’ absence from that competition, it served as the venue for a few of the matches of the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

Domestic competition for Topklasse Club

The main cricket division is called Topklasse (the highest domestic 50-over cricket competition), in which presently twelve teams competed for the national champions.

1. Amsterdamsche Cricket Club, or ACC


The ACC can be viewed as a family-oriented group where people of all backgrounds and colours are welcome. Our roster includes athletes with Dutch, South African, Australian, English, Indian, and Pakistani background.

Despite sharing the fields for many years, cricket now has its own ground and amenities, which include three fields, a lovely pavilion, changing rooms, and three nets with Notts weave matting.  The oldest soccer club in Amsterdam, the AFC (Amsterdam Football Club), is where ACC was founded in 1921. 

2. Punjab Cricket Club Rotterdam


Founded in 1991.

3. HCC, Koninklijke Haagsche Cricket & Voetbal Vereniging


Founded in 1878

4. VOC Rotterdam

Founded in 1878

5. VRA (Volharding/RAP/Amstels)

Founded in 1882.

One of the oldest and most prestigious cricket clubs in The Netherlands is VRA. Its residence is the lovely NOC*NSF A-sports hotel, which has received an international AAA-status. The national men’s XI frequently plays at VRA.

The most significant international matches generally take place at the main stadium, with teams like New Zealand, Pakistan (2020), South Africa (2013), Sri Lanka (2006), and others.

6. Salland Cricket club


On May 5, 2005, Salland CC entered the Dutch cricket arena.

The club’s long-term goal is to establish itself as a respectable, financially stable organisation, that plays cricket in the Netherlands. Members have the option of playing competitive or social cricket.

7. Voorburg Cricket Club


Founded in 1932

A close-knit family club with about 200 members, Voorburg CC provides cricket to a variety of age groups and skill levels throughout the year, both indoors and outdoors. VCC is located on a stunning modern sports facility and has a grasswicket that hosts a number of international games each season.

One of the best youth cricket programmes in the nation is operated by VCC, and it serves as the foundation for both the first XI men’s and women’s teams in the top national divisions. Every year, the indoor and outdoor national championships feature teams from the VCC younger divisions.

8. H. B. S. Craeyenhout’

HBS was founded in 1893 as a football club, and cricket was added in 1928. Hockey was eventually added to the group. These three sporting activities have formed the multisports club HBS Craeyenhout in The Hague ever since. Very close neighbours, or “Bosjes van Pex,” are the Quick cricket club.
The HBS men’s first XI won the national championship three times between 1978 and 1980. They won the T20 championship in 2018.
HBS has a sizable kids programme, and both boys and girls can enjoy and play cricket at any level and in any age group.

9. SV Kampong Cricket


With over 160 members—men, women, and children—Kampong Cricket is a vibrant cricket club with a history of almost 120 years. In each age category, there are 5 men’s teams, 1 woman’s team, and 1 youth team. We are a competitive and social club that welcomes cricket players of all skill levels and many, very diverse, nationalities. The enormous (around 6000 members overall) SV Kampong, which offers six sports—football, hockey, tennis, pétanque, squash, and cricket—includes Kampong Cricket.

10. Sparta 1888

Founded in 1888

11. RKSV Excelsior’20

Founded in 1920

The Excelsior’20 omnisports team focuses solely on the King of Sports throughout the summer. In the past 25 years, the first men’s XI has won 11 national championships while competing at the top level. A fantastic accomplishment that other clubs would be happy to imitate.

On a decent grass wicket, cricket matches at Excelsior can draw sizable spectators. The chalet-style club house, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery and a train track, has a unique atmosphere for both players and guests.

In addition to the top two teams, Excelsior offers men’s social cricket, youth cricket for all age levels, including a girl’s team, and women’s cricket. The smallest members, ages 6 to 8, can participate in Tip & Run cricket on Friday.

12. Dosti Cricket Club


Founded in 1978

Dosti, the name of the club that was founded on December 28th, 1978, literally means “friendship,” and when it comes to playing cricket, it also has a symbolic meaning. The fundamental mission of the majority of clubs is to get the best results. Cricket is a common occurrence at Dosti. You can experience a home game in person to understand what it means. The Dosti CC first XI won the national Top League in 2015 and the T20 championship in 2013.

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